Miles logo design by Buddy-Buddy


Miles is a new deodorant brand specifically formulated for adolescents. Launching online and in Target stores in 2023, we partnered with Miles’ founder to create the brand’s design expression, from visual identity, art direction, and packaging to promotional treatments and collateral. 


Miles deodorant packaging designMiles deodorant packaging design

Miles is a first-to-market brand for this target demographic, meaning their products would be merchandised in the saturated mens deodorant category. Our packaging design aimed to stand out from staid legacy brands and brash young-adult products while resonating with the brand’s two target audiences: its users (teenagers) and buyers (parents of teenagers).

Miles advertisement of boy holding flower

Miles deodorant scent animation
Hands opening Miles deodorant package
Miles deodorant packaging design by Buddy-Buddy

Miles’ vibrant palette delivers stopping power on-shelf, critical for a new brand in a crowded product segment. The scent-inspired artwork and chiseled typography translates effortlessly from packaging to art direction, elevating the brand above category clichés.

The abstract simplicity of packaging layouts resonates with the target user segment, instilling self-respect and confidence.

Hand taking Miles deodorant out of backpackMiles deodorant packaging design
Boy wearing Miles hooded sweatshirt
Hand holding two packs of Miles deodorant.
Packaging design of Miles deodorant

Miles deodorant logo.

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